Derby-Preakness Coverage Contrasts

Those tweets are self explanatory. If you are not watching the XBTV, or Pimlico hosted track feed today, you're probably missing out.

For those who want the pomp and pageantry, the NBC feed will have it. For the rest of us, we have a nice option - crisp, clear, smart coverage, while we bet a few dollars into the pools.


Who cares who I like in the Preakness (I'm not sure I even know before seeing the odds board), but one horse I will not bet, will be Always Dreaming. Not because I don't think he can win, not because I don't think he can win by a lot. Not because 3-5, or whatever he may be, might be totally fair.

It's just a simple habit - I automatically throw out horses who had a good trip on the best part of a racetrack. When 15 million people saw the trip, it's even more reason for me to bet against.

For a much better analysis, you can read Crunk.  

I see the horse inventory is better at Canterbury, the bridgejumper is back, the weather will probably be better than last year's "not this much rain since 1896" thing. But I can't play it. I feel this little track could've done $2M on good Thursday cards in a few years; it bothers me they threw in the towel so early.

On the big track side - big handle days are getting bigger. So, I'd expect to see a nice handle this weekend for Pimlico. If you're trying a shot at exotics, the 12% pick 5 ensures you'll get paid.

Good luck today, and have a nice weekend. In Canada, it's a long weekend, so enjoy it that much more.

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