Monday, December 17, 2007

Data for an Affordable Price

Looking for a good Christmas present?

Standardbred Canada has recently made new pricing for its TrackIt service. $20 a year for SC members is all it takes. The service is impressive, letting you query 125 times a month, to find out what horse raced with what trainer, how a horse did at what track, who is racing who and where, and countless other queries. It is a handicapper and horse owners lifeline to the sport.

I can't think of a more worthwhile gift to the racing fan.


Anonymous said...

I have a serious problem with the fact nothing has been done to accomodate the PATRONS. There are many who pour as much and more through the windows as an owner spends keeping a horse.

Anonymous said...

Cant disagree, altho I would submit that standardbredcanada should not be responsible for doing what the entire industry should be doing.

I think stuff like this (paying for data for people to bet) is a big reason why you are seeing the post above on "grassroots movements".

We have forgotten who pays the bills in this business. Truly sad.

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