Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pick Six, er I mean Pick 7.

Why does Woodbine have a Pick 7?

I did two things today that makes me ask that question.

One, I went to the track. There was a carryover in the Meadowlands pick 4, and a carryover for the Woodbine Pick 7, so I thought I would go, have some chow and a beer, converse with a couple of friends and see if we could hit one. One of my playing partners said: "Pick 7. What's with a pick 7 anyway? People bet pick 6's not pick 7's. I think if I took a trip on my rocket ship, took a left turn at some nebula and found a racetrack, they might offer a pick 7. Everyone else...... Pick 6's!"

I think that point wasn't lost on me. Earlier in the day I downloaded a free trial of a calculator for multi-leg wagers at This neat little calculator let's you construct "caveman tickets" for your pick 6, or pick 4 or pick 3. In general, it allows you to maximize your spread and weight your tickets. It is something most players do, but it is time consuming. Anyhow, I took the free trial, and I hoped to use this software for my pick 7 tickets at Woodbine.

One problem: The software does not even carry a pick 7. Only pick 6's. I can't really blame them, as I think Woodbine is the only track who even offers a pick 7.

Time to kill the Pick 7. Let's make it a pick 6 and see if we can not get more people interested that way.

For the record, my Meadowlands tickets were good. I made 16 tickets for 204 combinations and was alive on 5 horses in the last leg. But, I lost. Ron Pierce won with a nifty steer on a logical horse we did not use.

My pick 7 ticket was sooo much better, though (yep, sarcasm there). 3 of 7 on one ticket, and 2 of 7 on another. I was about as close to hitting that as hitting a Roger Clemens fastball.

On to tomorrow. As much as I would like to see a pick 6, a 50K carryover is something I can not pass up.

Good luck to everyone who takes a stab tomorrow, and good racing!

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