Racing is Strange. Strange but Cool

OK, so I am wondering tonight, just what this racing game is. Gosh, it has some weird stuff going on, and attracts some strange folks. People like me. Maybe even stranger people than me.

I went to the track tonight. I relayed to my playing partner a story about my last trip to Vegas. I go there to golf, and then usually play some racing. No other games. No poker, no blackjack. Nothing. At a gorgeous five star course the sun is beaming, I shoot a great front nine, I have a beer in my golf cart. Life is jim-dandy. On hole ten my playing partner pulls his shoulder out. Off to the hospital. No more golfing. Since I hate playing alone I decide to just do what other people do in Vegas. Except I am kind of lost. I don't want to see a magician. I don't want to enter a poker tourney. I don't want to stand beside a wax statue of Margaret Thatcher. I end up playing racing, from around 9AM til 10PM. After the second day of it, I get a call ironically from my horse trainer. Reception is bad so I go outside to see if I can hear him better. It dawns on me. I have not been outside for over 48 hours. I have just been playing racing.

So after relaying that story to my friend he says "wow, I did that too." Turns out he met a girl at the casino and she wanted to go swimming. One problem with that. The first from Aqueduct was ready to go off, so he said he would meet her later. Then around 5PM she asked him if he wanted to go to a club. But of course, the Meadowlands was on. He told her he would meet her later. Good idea, except Cal Expo goes late.

He didn't see much of her again. And he did not go outside either.

So I am thinking if you are a horseplayer you are just plain weird.

A virtual racehorse
just sold for over $7000. Real money. 7 large. $3500 win place. 7000 one dollar lotto tickets. 35,000 20 cent superfecta combos. I think I have to look into the world of virtual horse racing, like I'm Gil Grissom, because I do not have the foggiest idea why someone would pay $7000 for a virtual racehorse.

Ok, this is kinda weird too. The guy who runs equidaily went and did a story on his 1987 racing form. Well that is weird to people not like us. To us, it is pretty cool. It's cool like a 20 year old plate is cool to those folks on those antique shows. I read the whole story and then I got my old programs out and read them. I was up for over an hour doing it. It was neat to see the running lines on Tyler B again. And Fundamentalist. And Secret Service. And Niatross. And, well you get it.

If you are weird like me, my buddy and the equidaily guy, send me a scan of a cool program page you might have. If I can muster up some technical skill I will place it up and we can have a look at it. Old programs are cool. And frankly so are we. We are race fans. Nothing cooler than that......... in a strange sort of way.

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