Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's the Betting ...... Stupid.

If you are like myself, and yearly read the Arizona Symposium on Racing and Gaming news with more than a dash of "same old same old" from track execs who seem to be living in the 1930's, this year's kickoff is a shocker.

Dana Parham, the money-man behind Odds On Racing and bettor, had some choice words for the leaders in our business. From the Bloodhorse.com article:

Parham said the pari-mutuel industry is being hindered by at least three things on the human level: a lack of leadership, personal agendas, and uninformed decision-makers.

Parham argued racing is about betting, and that “opening and advertising our pools as financial markets will attract large risk capital and will grow handle and revenue at a much faster rate than trying to win over one $2 bettor at a time.”

Hear, hear Mr. Parham. With the talk of the last ten years you would think that a few balloons and a free t-shirt or concert can fix this business. It is nice to hear someone speak of things wacky like pricing when talking about turning the game around.

Now the big question: Will anyone be listening?


Anonymous said...

Yep, Mr Parham certainly knows what he is talking about.

His standardbred operation must have the worst ROI in the history of the game.

Anonymous said...

Fair point on dana P's operation for racing. But he would not be the first businessman to not do well at a racing stable. It is a tough game.

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