Monday, December 10, 2007

Quick Notes from the World of Racing

...... some interesting news items, or maybe not. Well I thought they were.

We've all heard trainer-speak. This one took the cake. Dylan Thomas got wiped in Hong Kong because he was too fat. ".... he was way overweight" said trainer O'Brien.

I watched the Harrisburg sale and said "boy, those guys are nuts to spend that money on Big Business". Good call, Big Business wins Matron.

Us players are really dopes sometimes for playing this game. It seems to be so stacked against us. The Pick 4 at Delta Downs culminated in a thrilling finish. 39-1 shot Turf War (man that is a great name) dead-heated with the 3-2 chalk Z Humor. With pick 4 dead heat rules, both tickets paid the same - a whopping $127.60. Steve Byk, let's his thoughts be known on this in his column/blog.

Woodbine thoroughbred wagering is up. Glad something is. I buy the Form some Wednesday's and notice the nice ad for Woodbine Wednesday's. Wednesday Night Lights I think they call it. Flashy ad. Well done. I wish I could find some "Sunday Night Lights" ads somewhere for harness. But I can't.

Darryl Kaplan has a nice piece just up on Standardbred Canada, A Letter to the North Pole. Required reading for Canadian harness fans.

In hearing some complaints by us with the quality of our harness signals on the web, and lack thereof, or perhaps a gripe or two about TVG or HPI TV, there was one gripe that made me laugh recently. Turns out Turfway Park's video feed was not working too well yesterday on This prompted Jeff Platt, creator of jcapper software to reply in a paceadvantage post:

"It's funny, when I watch a race I tend to watch the horses on the lead... their action... the action of the riders... how much the rider thinks he has left when they turn for home...

The lead "horse" didn't have a rider... and going around the 1st turn neither did the second one... I was like WTF... it took me a few seconds but it finally dawned on me... they were GREYHOUNDS not horses!!!

Next time I see a grainy feed from one of the B tracks in Ontario, I have to remind myself it could be worse.

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