Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Watch out Mr. Tetrick?

When I flip on Dover Downs, to have a look at what's happening and think of downloading a program, reality sets in. The four horse is 3-5 with Tim Tetrick. The next race the six horse is 7-5 with Tim Tetrick. With a choice between downloading a program to make a few plays and taking a trip to Mars in a Yugo, I will choose the latter.

Well, it could be worse.

There is a movement afoot at one Meadows Racetrack near Pittsburgh, PA. That movement is the Palone Principle. Dave Palone is on fire. He is getting live horses - horses that dare I say Tim T would be envious of. And if you watch Harrington and Dover, that is saying a lot.

Here are his numbers for November:

Starts: 225
Wins: 94
Win Percentage: 42%
UDRS: 0.544

Amazingly, that is ahead of Walter Case's 1077 for 2933 pace.

The kicker: If you bet every one of his starters.......... you actually lose money. That means his average odds are right around even money.

I thought he might slow down, but December is here, and despite the Northeast under a blanket of snow and ice, Palone is still hotter than a pistol. 24 starts and 12 wins. Yep, that is 50%. But this month, at least if you bet those 24 starters, you made money.

Maybe enough for a snow cone.


Anonymous said...

I loved that article!

Anonymous said...

Palone has slowed down a bit now.

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