Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good News for the Horses

The Ontario Racing Commission approved a filing today from the Ontario Adoption Society whereby 0.15% of purses paid out in the province will be set-aside for retired standardbreds.

This is long overdue. More and more horses are being bred to take advantage of slot purses, yet there was no mechanism in place to take care of many who need a home when retired. It was to me, yet another oversight with slots funding, where greed seems to rule the roost. This small amount will not house all horses, nor even the majority, but for those owners who want their horses cared for, there will be at least an option.

Congrats to the Society in getting this funding and I hope at least a few good old war horses have a home for life.

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Anonymous said...

This was absolutely the most positive news I have heard coming out of the game in recent times and as you say long overdue. The money won't even be noticed in the purse structure and what owners see in their purse accounts but it will be huge to these folks who have toiled long and hard at this worthy endeavour. This is fantastic news and makes me feel good about the direction things are heading for the first time in a long while.

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