Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Tuesday is here. Dreary in the East, no doubt nice in the West. I think it is always nice in the west.

I went to the ponies last night, watched our horse go (gosh, the lil guy did good again!), and generally hung around. It seems like there were a few people out last night, maybe the weather has something to do with it. In race two at Woodbine I am not certain, but I think it might be true - in watching about 100,000 races over my lifetime, I have not seen a debut like last night.

And the horse was a 5YO maiden.

Richard Norman trains a New Zealand horse named Tempest Anvil. He is a son of North America Cup winner Presidential Ball. The pace was soft, and he closed from China. Back half of 54.1. What makes it more impressive is that this was not a bad field of nw2's. There were some good horses in the race, and they were all winners (you can not start a 5YO in a maiden race at Woodbine).

We have seen similar before with older horses making a debut, or downunder horses coming up and scorching a start (the name escapes me, but Chris Ryder had one a few years ago pace 150.2 in a maiden at the M I believe); but time after time they seem to fizzle out. Maybe because the problems that plagued them in starting their careers so late catch up with them. Regardless, let us hope that this guy does not fizzle. He has a chance to be an absolutely tremendous racehorse, in my opinion. If you watched the stretch drive, he is the consummate example of a blink horse.

In other news, Nick Zito says "no fever baby" for War Pass.

I was sure there were a few other things that caught my eye, but I simply can not remember them. Hopefully tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I just went and watched the replay of Temptest Anvil, what an effort.

Caught the race caller completely off guard.

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