Saturday, March 22, 2008

Luc Gets Hot and so is Southwind Tempo

Well, just for my buddy Greg, who is pals with Luc, we have to place up a post on the 4 win night the star-sleeved driver had at Woodbine. Luc has not gotten four wins in a night probably since I picked my last successful triactor. It is something special.

Further in that vein, it was funny to read the masterful jousting between WEG regular Randy Waples and our pal Greg on It is nice to see a little fire once in awhile based on difference of opinion. If you want to sign up and have a read it is free and you can here.

Second, I am trying to judge Southwind Tempo. I watched her jog tonight in the Overbid Final and it was an effort that might be best described as a women against girls. She was stuck behind dead-cover yet still jogged. You can watch last night's tilt, here.

Anyway, where does she rank? Will she be a super-mare? I am not sure, but she sure looks the part. I for one think Rainbow Blue, Eternal Camnation and several others beat that group the way she did tonight - maybe even beat them much more impressively. However, what I like is the way she is finishing - she is full of pace. I think we will have a fun summer watching her and seeing if she develops into the next great dominant mare. I do not think we have seen the best of her yet. She might go 148 flat.

I think we will start a Road to the North America Cup update segment on Saturday's. Running the reports, I see that only one of our Top Ten (at the side of the page) has surfaced. Idle Hour qualified twice. The son of Dragon Again stepped off a 156.3 effort at Dover, then followed that up with a second place finish at the Meadowlands with a last quarter of 25.4. We'll see if he moves up or off of our list in the coming weeks.

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