Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Jerry Silva's World......

...... and we just live in it.

Further to the note below I made regarding a possible sale of Somebeachsomewhere; it appears it is a reality.

Not to worry, the number isn't big - it is only pro-rated at 8 million. That's all.

The buyer, who else? Jerry Silva. I think Jerry wants to own every world champion known to man. Good for him frankly. If you have the money, and you enjoy the game, go to it!

The thing that sticks out to me about the story is it is here, at the Truro Daily News. Truro is a smaller town in central Nova Scotia. The owners of Somebeach are not Sheik Sheikadam, or some shipping magnate, or some weight loss guru. They are normal guys who bought a Mach Three colt at a sale. Now he is the highest priced horse in harness racing history. It is what sets us apart from our blue-blood cousins.

[PTP Note: Words from Jerry himself, just out at 2:30PM today]

[PTP Edit 2: For those that have not seen this horses career racelines, they are here. Beware that this link may be dead soon, though, as when the story is stale dated, the link usually goes away.]

I forgot to mention, Jerry's other acquisition, Southwind Tempo made her 4YO debut on Friday night at the M. She dusted a field of Open mares like they were 10 claimers.

Two things struck me 1) For about the 200th time a 4YO against older wins a FFA event. Yet I am sure next week we will hear the myth that a 4YO can not "handle the transition to the FFA ranks", when one loses. And 2) Was it ever nice to see John Campbell in the bike on this mare. She actually looked relaxed and unhurried. Last year she was partnered with Tim Tetrick, who drove her with about as much finesse as a one-legged fat man in a canoe. If she keeps getting treated like that and given some tidy steers by a cerebral driver, the sky is the limit for her and she might have a long career, in my opinion. She might be the next Eternal Camnation, because she is damn good.

Phil popped up a post on her with an old video, with a great call by Lederman in the Shady Daisy stakes.

As for other Jerry Silva news, we will have to wait. Maybe until next week; because it is his world, we are along for the ride.

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