Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Wrap

Some Wednesday morning stuff that caught my eye.

WEG will support Earth Hour by turning off a bunch of lights on Saturday night to preserve the earth, or save electricity, or something like that.

"We encourage our fans and employees to consider how their actions effect the environment and challenge everyone to come up with ways of reducing the size of the ecological footprint they leave behind," added Holmes.

That's similar to the way I feel about my Takeout Free Hour. Here is my quote:

"I encourage WEG and tracks like them to consider how their actions affect the sport and challenge them to come up with ways of reducing prices so we can grow the sport they leave behind," added Pull the Pocket.

How would you like to be a guy, one guy, who can pull out a check for $415 million and buy a farm. That is simply beyond my comprehension.

In case you have not noticed, WEG has a new website for their ADW, We will have a few people reviewing it this week, who are players, and heavy users. Maybe Cangamble wants to on his site as well. Anyway, at first glance I will just say I find it "interesting".

Looking at some of the tops in the sport the other day. I am still amazed that Dave Palone is hanging in there with Tony Morgan for the leading driver by wins lead. He has 206 to Tony's 208. How does a guy with so few drives compared to the Morgan and Tetrick's of the world stay in the hunt? He doesn't, and he will not, but he is pretty darn close to being on pace to mirror Walter Case's 1067 win in 3000 drive season. He's currently on pace for around 1000 wins in 2700 drives.

Mr. Feelgood is the leading money winning horse. If we just had a bit less of a disconnect with astronomical stud deals it might make economic sense to race some of these horses, after all he's a good horse and has already made $250,000. If you recall, Mr Feelgood was retired after his 3YO season to stud, but came back.

Mr. McGrath, trainer of World Champ and NA Cup #1 contender Somebeachsomewhere, reports that the horse has been in 2:11, and barring something unforeseen, will start in the Ontario Sires Stakes in May, before going on to the big dances.

In thoroughbred racing, Magnificence returns to the races. Anyone who saw her maiden win wonders what she can do. She just explodes this filly does. Here is the Youtube video. It is a shame it is not better quality. This was one of the coolest (non-stake, or hyped) races I have ever seen.

Mohawk will open soon. It's light now at 7:30. Every year when it gets this way I think of Mohawk. The first couple races under no track lighting is a staple of Mohawk since its inception many, many years ago. We're getting close to spring weather, and it can't come soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

I don't get why they didn't advertise it anywhere. Mind you, their dying clientele have noticed, at least the ones who are betting with them now, more will notice when Woodbine opens up.
I haven't navigated the site much. Just use it for videos.
I do notice that the betting isn't compatible with anything but IE.
I'm still debating whether to deposit 2 or 300 hundred just to bet Woodbine Win 4's and Supers.
Meanwhile I'll bet the thousands some where else.

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