Little Brown Jug - Americana is Alive and Well in Ohio

Despite Facebook and Twitter and cellphones and Ipads littering the landscape in this century, there are throwback moments which stand the test of time. 200 years from now, State fairs will still be going on, and along with them so will events like the Little Brown Jug. As this local puts it:

"The Little Brown Jug not only happens at the Delaware County Fairgrounds, it also happens during fair week. It is a major sporting event, shutting the town down on race day, Thursday. All the schools and most businesses are closed, traffic is horrific, and if you want to eat dinner out on that night, you better do it early. Once racing is over around 6 pm, the fairgrounds are emptied and all the restaurants are packed to the gills. The Little Brown Jug® is a part of Americana. And it shall ever remain so."

The event has crowned some great champions. And although heat racing and half mile track classic racing is becoming more and more anachronistic, the Jug prevails.

This year there are three heats, and the action looks good, with a chance of a great final:

$64,437 First Elimination
1. Kyle Major-Mark MacDonald-7-2
2. Rock N Roll Heaven-Daniel Dube-2-1
3. Fred And Ginger-Dave Palone-6-1
4. Dreamlands Art-George Brennan-12-1
5. Razzle Dazzle-John Campbell-15-1
6. Foreign Officer-Ron Pierce-10-1
7. We Will See-Brett Miller-4-1
8. Aracache Hanover-Doug McNair-8-1

$64,437 Second Elimination
1. Delmarvalous-Brian Sears-3-2
2. Classic Rock Nroll-John Campbell-7-1
3. Piece Of The Rock-Paul MacDonell-5-1
4. Docs Yankee-Dan Noble-10-1
5. Fools Gold-Tim Tetrick-20-1
6. Versado-Dave Palone-7-2
7. Just Crowned-Dan Charlino-25-1
8. Urgent Action-David Miller-15-1

$64,437 Third Elimination
1. Valentino-George Brennan-6-1
2. Four Starz Trace-Luc Ouellette-8-1
3. Im Gorgeous-Andy Miller-4-1
4. Allthatgltrsisgold-Dave Magee-10-1
5. Malicious-David Miller-12-1
6. Rockin Image-Yannick Gingras-7-2
7. One More Laugh-Tim Tetrick-2-1

Divisional co-leader One More Laugh seems to have the toughest task, trying to win from post seven in elim three, but he is such a good horse that he should be able to overcome. It is very important to win your elim, because you get a good post in the final.

Elim one features Rock n Roll Heaven, who on paper does not look like a handy half mile horse, but he can literally do anything.

Delmarvelous in elim two, might have the easiest road to the final, and if he wins and draws the rail, with the other two potential elim winners outside of him, it should make a dandy tactical final.

It all starts tomorrow. You can get your free programs here.

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That Blog Guy said...

FYI. Rock N Roll Heaven was schooled at Yonkers in 1:54.1 before the decision was made to go to Delaware.


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