Rock n Roll Heaven Wins Jug Easily

Rock n' Roll Heaven, the most consistent pacer this year, won an impressive Little Brown Jug in straight heats.

Other than a hiccup in the North America Cup Final, where he was a very flat 4th, he has shown up week after week. He is also a tough bugger, grinding out some nice wins. Those horses usually make good sires, so we will see.

Both Delmarvelous and One More Laugh were less than good and nowhere up to par today. Rock n Roll showed up, they did not.

We admire horses like Zenyatta here, or the Beach, because they show up every time, while others fall by the wayside with injury or being flat. Rock n' Roll, if he runs the table, deserves our praise. He is not talented like the Beach, no, but he is tough; and today that means something.

Video below:

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