Mohawk Soup

Last night's big card at Mohawk was turned into a bath of rain, wind and mud. Just like our thoroughbred cousins, this tends to throw a massive wrench into the results. At Mohawk, however, it seems to be worse than at some other harness tracks. Last night, the first two races were fairly standard - the preferred went in decent speed and Hambo winner Muscle Massive (I still do not know why this colt is not called Massive Muscle, but maybe it is taken, and I digress) was good.

From then on, it was like it was different each race, and gosh knows who was going to win.

Lookinforadventure was flat again. With two year olds nowadays you rarely know if they will last or what. He's a nice horse, but something seems to be going on with him. I find it hard to believe that breeding farms continue to buy into two year olds, with the hopes that they become great three year olds. This does not seem prudent in this day and age. Unless you are looking at a Beach or Muscle Hill, who were obvious superhorses, I think it is a waste of money, and far too much risk. But hey, it ain't my money.

The Metro was bombs away, with 30-1 shot Mystician getting the job done. Lucky Jim had trouble on the track and the chalk was horrible. It was a head scratching result. My pre-race pick raced fairly well to come third and he looks like some stock.

Pretty Catherine raced poorly off easy fractions. She barely held second.

Shark Gesture looked to have an equipment problem and he went off stride at the head of the lane. Won the West usually overcomes tracks, bad drives and all the rest, and he did not disappoint. My pre-race pick raced well, but did not quite have enough to get second. At 30-1ML I was surprised to only see him 12-1.

In the end, it was one of those nights. I know they can not, and I know it is not feasible, but a huge part of me would love to be able to cancel these races for a better evening. To have $2M in purses, and the best horses on the continent race in that mess, it does not do us much good from a fans perspective.

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