The Greatest 2YO Qualifier I've Ever Seen

Last week several two year olds qualified at the Meadowlands, as is usual this time of the year. However, what was unusual, was a qualifier by a son of Lis Mara, named Mel Mara. Off a 1:01 half, the colt hit the three quarters in a leisurely 29.1. Then the fun happened. He stormed home in 25 flat.

True it was his third qualifier, and his previous two were good efforts that showed he was already-brilliant, but a 55.1 mile off a 1:01 half with that kind of shake-up speed is astonishing. If they bring him along correctly, there is no telling what we are looking at. If someone said right now he could be the fastest horse ever, I would not be able to argue with him. He just might end up being that.

One things for sure, a great many folks would not buy a foal sired by a horse who's dad is Cambest. So much for that; it seems Lis Mara is going to do just fine.

He makes his debut Saturday at the Meadowlands. I hope he sits, stalks and storms home under a stranglehold. There are too many important dances in this colt's future to blow the wad Saturday.

H/t to Bob Marks for this tidbit - Saturday also sports what might be the chalkiest double in harness racing history. Big Jim and Krispy Apples. Unless the latter decides to grab a snow cone in the grandstand at the head of the lane like last time.

Enjoy your Friday everyone.

1 comment:

Brett Coffey said...

Could be an absolute amazing year for 2yo's!


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