Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Notes

I've been a little busy, but playing catch-up, here are a few things that caught my eye.

Christie vetoes the purse subsidy in Jersey. Cry as we might, and we will, what he says in the statement makes perfect sense.

Jay Cronley looks at the subsidies in other states, and how racetracks tend to "go through the motions".

More madness, this time at the slots rich Meadows in Pennsylvania: Tri takeouts are increased to 35% at the micro-handle track. Horseplayer Bobby Z estimates that if handle stays the same (California thought the same thing), the revenue gained by this move is about $280 per race. This business is an absolute mess, although for horseplayers wanting to play smaller tracks - it's reason number fifty seven or fifty eight to send your money to Tioga Downs.

What kind of odds would you give me at the yearling sales if I bet you that the top colt in North America July 1st was by E Dees Cam and wore knee-boots? The super-fast pacer won the gold final last night in 52 and change. I thought he looked just okay yesterday, after looking awesome in his first two.

Big thumbs up to WEG. Tonight they have carded the Open Trot as an Open Handicap, saddling San Pail with the ten, and Define the World with the nine, in a full field. This is forward thinking, and bettor friendly.

Nice piece by Kaplan on Jody J. He's right, there are few drivers in this sport who give up as much time as Jody. South of the border, Yannick Gingras does similar. Drivers are the true winners with slots. 25 years ago the leading driver like Doug Brown at the big tracks like Greenwood or the M were lucky to make $75000 a year (about $150k today). Now a driver like Brian Sears can make upwards of $750,000, or more than a top surgeon. This has, of course, gone on while the sport of harness racing has about a third the popularity it had in the 1980's.

Another one leaves. Steve Calabro is out at Gulfstream. Steve knew the business of gaming, betting and gambling, and he was poised to do some good things there, in my opinion. Someone should scoop him up.

Have a good day everyone.

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