Tuesday Notes

A few things that caught my eye today.....

Bob Baffert has now replaced his twitter avatar from an egg to a real picture.  I'm sorry for giving him the gears about it, but someone had to do it. Now if we can get him to change his tune on takeout.

Speaking of eggs and a resulting Xfiles-12 Monkeys coincidence..... Bob McIntosh - the Bob Baffert of harness racing - joined twitter recently and he too has an egg as an avatar. Top trainers are very creative, except when it comes to twitter avatars. I vote Bob uses Artsplace as his pic. #nomoreeggs

Say what? According to Teresa Genaro on Twitter, someone at a conference said that bettors will stop betting horses if lasix is banned. You can't make this stuff up.

The Hambo and Hambo Oaks elims are drawn. Blue Porsche has made it to the dance for the males, and the Matlock Horse, Crys Dream, races in the Oaks. Is there anyone out there pulling for that mare? I highly suspect not.

The HBPA, presumably because of the stance of horsemen groups against a race day lasix ban as a deflection, are for harsher penalties for Class I and Class II drugs.

The Tour De France probably has a worse reputation for undetectable enhancers than racing does, but this year the result was a good one. Cadel Evans, who has never even been smeared by a rumor, won the whole thing. I watched the Tour a few years ago and saw Michael Rasmussen drop Cadel like a malnourished welterweight, and later saw Alberto Contador do similar. Most would say "Cadel is good, but just not good enough". When we see guys like Rasmussen get booted for doping, right in the middle of the Tour, and Contador test positive for eating bad steak, it makes the win pretty damn sweet for the Aussie (I would imagine).

Warawee Needy goes into the Battle of Waterloo as a huge fave off his win last night. I watched the race, and while everyone sings this colts praises, I'm still on the fence. There is something with the way he goes I do not like. I think Mel Mara would beat him easily.

A 66 year old lady crosses the border into Canada to play Bingo. She ends up incarcerated for 12 days for a mistaken test where her motor oil apparently was "heroin". How a motor oil test can turn up positive is one thing. How the police could jail her in that situation for 12 days might be the bigger question.

Have a nice day folks.

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