Wednesday Has Been a Fun One

Here are my Wednesday thoughts, if anyone is interested.....

I have read dozens of opines on the race day lasix ban in the press, and I have read nothing about how if it's banned some super-trainer-of-the-week will jack their horses with something that prevents bleeding, that he or she learned out of a junior high school chemistry book. That irks me.

NBC will again broadcast the Hambo. Moira and Tom have done some amazing things with this event and they should be commended. Of special note to me personally (I was on a panel once that he moderated, and I was struck by his love of the game, and general good nature), Gary Seibel will again be behind the mic.

Twitter rolled this morning due to a horse named Frankel. A lot of the time a horse is hyped beyond belief and people follow along like lemmings. In my opinion, this is not one of those times. This horse is an absolute monster. I telephoned a player who plays UK racing professionally not soon after the race, and he was blown away just like everyone else.

Crys Dream is in the Oaks this year and if you go to the chat boards, you notice the fans are not cheering for this lass. Ontario banned the mare for three months due to a Class II, and their owners went to court to get a stay regarding her eligibility.  If Karma plays a role she will not win a race for 91 days.

The greatest driver, in my opinion who has ever lived - John Campbell- is back for the Hambo, after yet another serious injury. I wish him luck and I am pretty sure I am not the only one.

Last week I was again pitching out a trainer who wins lights out, because he is in the D Barn. When the day comes that I can't pitch out a trainer when he is in D, is a day when racing starts to attract more honest money into horse ownership.

There was some major trolling on the Paulick Report today, regarding the Horseplayers Association of North America. Apparently Brad Cummings is the new President of HANA. Does that mean that HANA President Jeff Platt can switch with Ray and call the site the "Pimp Report"? Instead of the site being sponsored by the TOC, it would be sponsored by a company that makes pink fuzzy hats.

Chris Ryder thinks his colt can trot 51. I went through the lines, and I know I won't be mistaken any time soon for Pittsburgh Phil, but I can't see it, no matter how hard I look.

Jimmy Takter says Peelers is ready to roll this week. I hope so, because Fan Hanover pulling a fat man in an iron race bike could have beaten her last time.

San Pail - which is one of the greatest feel good stories in all of racing - will parade at Kawartha on Saturday. Way to go to all the connections. You deserve every minute of this.

I am busy this week, but I hope to be back for a look at the Hambo and Oaks Elim card. Have a great evening everyone.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who saw through the Paulick article..... has Ray gone mad?

JLB said...

I have followed John Campbell's career since I saw him ship down to Monticello with Derby's Gent in the mid-70's and win the feature two Sundays in a row. Almost 40 years later, I had a chance to meet him at a Standardbred Retirement Foundation fundraiser. We spent 20 minutes chatting. I certainly was not surprised at how articulate he was, since I have seen dozens of his winner's circle interviews. What impressed me was his willingness to speak candidly to someone he had never met, about various industry issues, as well as his obvious love for harness racing.

Pull the Pocket said...


Great story. And totally believable. A true gentleman.



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