Confed Cup, GC&S Trials & M Action

While thoroughbred racing basques in the Million (and the excellent undercard), harness racing's stakes schedule seems to never disappoint with more stakes than you can shake a stick at. It is a wonderful part of our sport. Here's a bit of a rundown, and look forward.....

Last night at the M, the Haughton elims prove that the older division in harness racing is, by far, the most exciting division in the sport. Next week should be an excellent tilt.

It pays to watch replays, and have an opinion on how a horse finishes. Krispy Apple looked horrible at the wire last time, and she blew as a 50 cent on the dollar chalk last night.

Mel Mara - too fast too early, physical issues, or what? He goes from a 26 second last quarter horse that would be 2-1 in the Metro futures to a 28 second last quarter horse, where we are wondering if he gets out of nw2.

$225,000 was bet into the Larry Lederman race last evening. Way to go.

Today's Confederation Cup is one of the highlights of my summer race meet. The two heat affair, and the resulting undercard is a must watch. I always wondered what they might do in simo-land if the track offered some seeded pools, or normal takeout for the day. It has serious trouble reaching a nice handle, and that's a shame. The card starts at 1PM and the elims are races 8 and 9. The first elim is stacked - I am super interested to see how Up the Credit and Foreclosure handle the half. The second elim has what I think may be value - Eighteen. He can leave fast like a fish and might be tough on that oval.

Trial 1 for the Gold Cup and Saucer was raced last night. Trial 2 goes today starting at 1PM with the third and final trial tomorrow evening. They even get a nice crowd for the trials at the Gold Cup and Saucer. Bravo. Video below:

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