Guaranteed Pools With Vision, and Wednesday Notes

A couple of ADW's are making some news this weekend, and beyond. has long offered "players pools" for big pick 6 carryovers, the Derby pick 6 and several others. This works pretty simply: players contribute whatever they choose to a pool and if the tickets hit, the money is split up accordingly. For the first time ever (to my knowledge) they are offering it for harness racing.

The graphic says "$10k guaranteed pick 4" but I suspect that means it's capped at $10k at Twinspires, because the pool on Hambo Day is guaranteed at $150k.

There is also a guaranteed pick 5 and a late pick 4 Hambo Day.

As an aside, there is a what could have been angle to the above bet, and to me, it shows what a little vision, patience, and of course some luck could have done. About two years ago myself along with a couple of bettors sat with two folks from the Hambo Society. They wanted to create a bet that in some way, that might be able to be carried over to Hambo Day for a monster pool. It did not quite work out, and it is really hard to do in jurisdictions without slots, but the vision was there. I wonder how much the Twinspires pool would have accepted from players if there was a $300k carryover on something Hambo Day?

In addition, Premier Turf Club is offering $100 for a new signup and decent cash rewards on the Meadowlands. I saw the post at They have also added phone service to their platform,  so some folks out there are really trying for your business.


The Hambo and the Oaks have drawn. Does it shock anyone else that when given a post choice for a trot, a lot of folks love the rail?

Warrawee Needy came third on Monday at Grand River, his first ever loss. Most think the drive was 100% to blame, but I thought the horse looked off and would have needed a proper steer to win. It's rare to see 1-9 shots, who are three seconds better than anyone in the field, not even be able to mount a challenge down the backstretch from his position. He pushed the button hard, and there was little response. I've never been sold on this colt, as you know, but in my opinion he is a hell of a lot better than he showed on Monday - bad drive or no bad drive.

Frankel is #1 in the Racing Post (and Timeform).

See You at Peelers is number one in the Hambo Poll (although someone still really likes Arch Madness). That's fine, but how in the world can our turf voters be so off on Crys Dream? She was just 1-5 off 42 days off and won, and has only lost once in her life, beating older off the shelf, and winning with ease. She personifies a top five horse in the Hambo Poll. Not to mention, Jezzy is ranked higher than she is while racing state breds.

Edit - Greg informs me she was at one time ranked as high as 4th (before her positive, so my bad!)

Have a nice Wednesdayeveryone.

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