Gold Cup & Saucer Field is Set

The final goes for $60k - chump change in slotsville - but this year's Gold Cup and Saucer on Prince Edward Island has attracted a good field, from all over Canada and the US.

Included in this year's mix is Southwind Lynx, who won the $1.0M Meadowlands Pace as the three year old, trained by the Delaware based George Teague. I find that amazing. A small race a long way away, attracting such a trainer and horse. It's like Todd Pletcher sending Super Saver for a cheap race in Idaho; just to be there. This is what this little race has become.

Here are the fields for the trials which go this weekend. This year the Cup will be able to be bet in Canada, across the US (through various ADWs) and even in Europe. They are certainly trying to grow the GC & S brand.

Sobeys Gold Cup Trial 1
Post Position: Horse
1: Secret Weapon
2: Fleet Sensation
3: Fire On The Water
4: Pan Larceny
5: Oakmont
6: Im Gorgeous
7: Chasin Racin
8: Awesome Armbro N

Sobeys Gold Cup Trial 2
Post Position: Horse
1: Firethorn
2: Southwind Lynx
3: As Tuff As Nails
4: Part Shark
5: Ultimate Success
6: Did It Again
7: Rare Jewel
8: Carnivore
9: Western Raydar

Sobeys Gold Cup Trial 3
Post Position: Horse
1: Western Ace
2: Pontiac Luck
3: Joseph Michael
4: Strand Hanover
5: Formal Affair
6: Blissful Breeze
7: All The Weapons
8: Serious Damage

Here is the video for last year, for those who have never seen this unique spectacle, that can somehow attract horses like Southwind Lynx, and trainers like George Teague.


That Blog Guy said...

It is a shame that American tracks will not take wagers on this race. Yes, the quality of the day to day card is cheap, but the GC and Saucer is a one of a kind race.

Pull the Pocket said...


Xpressbet and Twinspires have it this year.



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