Tuesday Musings

..... Do you want to make a bet Saturday and I guarantee, win or lose, you're going to feel good about it? Try the 5th at the Meadowlands - the Larry Lederman race.

.... One of the most accomplished bloggers in the space is Foolish Pleasure, and she takes a shot at polling today. I could not agree more. Remember last year with the HOY voting? 'Older males who race classic distances, have a leg up'? What nonsense.

.... Slots wealth should be used in better ways. No kidding. No one inside this sport or outside of it, has ever given me a good reason why slots states and provinces are not mandated to have the lowest takeouts in the country, and of course, set aside cash for a marketing slush fund. When up to 90% of your purses come from gaming handle, what in the hell are you waiting for?

..... Tom LaMarra on twitter asks this morning:

..... Daily Racing Form ad - taken out by a gambler - stirs some controversy. I have no idea why a gambler would do such a thing, but some of them are true fans I guess. For me that salts it. I am taking out a harness ad looking for more mounts for one of the old faves - William Mann. Free Willie!

..... I love reading Harnessdriver.com sometimes, especially when a new policy is being looked at. As you know, Jeff Gural is initiating a new policy whereby horses who are sired by three year olds cannot race in his stakes. This is driving the insiders crazy, but most fans are all for it. Comments like: "We should take a poll and if horsemen are against it, it has to be good" and "no billionaire should be telling me what to do with my property" are always comical on that site.

..... On Standardbred Canada the comments are similar with the Pena story. Not that he has been caught for anything, and I qualify it with this comment, but why do insiders rally around some people so much in racing? I remember Brett Robinson getting banished for EPO for ten years. He took horses and turned them into stars overnight, like his dad used to, and when he was caught, people still said "poor guy". It makes no sense to me, because some of those people came second instead of first, or lost stakes races because of it. I know I'm just a dumb bettor, but it makes no sense to me at all.

..... O_crunk on twitter kills me. He has been on the Paulick Report advertising train for awhile. Some of his comments are quite comical.

.... Hit a pick 6? Scraps  on!

..... Reading keywords that triggered a hit on my blog are sometimes funny to go through. Some of my faves (with more than ten searches) in 2011? "Uncle Mo surgery", "mario letizia bhakti", "Auckland reactor sucks", "Twinky", "Tinky", "Jody J harness driver stupid" are a few....

..... Tom asked if he could find some dysfunction. I tried my best, and I even looked really hard today for positives!

..... Have a good Tuesday everyone.

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