If You Go To Stud at Three.....

.... don't expect to race in a Meadowlands major stakes race.

In what is sure to be a lively and heated discussion about the future of the sports stars and personal property, Meadowlands' owner Jeff Gural has thrown it down:

People like betting on star power, and Gural announced that he’s going to make horses sired by four-year-olds not eligible to the Meadowlands’ major stakes, including the Meadowlands Pace, the W.N. Reynolds Memorial, and John Simpson Sr. Stakes

"Anybody in the entertainment business knows you need stars," said Gural. "But the breeders have destroyed the ability to see our stars by retiring our very best horses at their prime."

Gural said he has asked the Hambletonian Society, Woodbine Entertainment Group, and The Red Mile to join him this year in making horses sired by four-year-olds ineligible, but up to this point he said they've been mostly reluctant. 


While, I'm at it with "wow's", can someone (who is a member of our solar system) tell me why there was no inquiry on this race (before the three quarters; around 1:58):


Jeff said...

The more I hear from Gural, the more I like him. Someone who might actually be able to bring "hope" and "change".

What??? That's not legal to pull out in front of someone? "I've gotta plead ignorance on that one because I didn't know."
Clearly the odds had nothing to do with it...

That Blog Guy said...

Well, the real question is can someone explain why the driver didn't claim an objection? Oh, I forgot it's harness racing. It is one of the ten commandments; "Thou shalt not claim a foul against a fellow driver".

Anonymous said...

I was watching this race and like you was ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED there was no INQ. During the running I yelled out, "Jody's coming down for that". Just incredible.


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