Xtreme Under Saddle

Xtreme racing was held at Georgian on Saturday evening, and one of the cooler spectacles was the trotters racing under saddle.
Xtreme racing handle fell this year to about $177k. This is probably not unexpected, and it shows that even good ideas to promote our sport through change without money behind them can have a tough time. With Xtreme racing we are trying to break into the entertainment market (although the betting and handicapping is superb, sans the high takeout and small pools). Breaking into the entertainment market takes money.

It is one of the reasons I wholeheartedly support the SC vision of taking money out of slots to promote. Without money pushing events, they are really tough to grow.


See You at Peelers goes at 3PM ET today at the Meadows. If she is as good as last week she'll be tough to beat, but with tons of speed inside her and some decent competition, she might have to work for it. Should something strange happen, I like longshot's Swinging Beauty and Myluvmylife to hit the board. For free program pages, click here (it's a pdf).

The Zweig and the drivers championship goes at Tioga and free programs are available for that as well.

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