Weekend Notes

See You at Peelers lost again this evening. She was DQ'd in an NYSS, but was life and death to hold on regardless. Virtually every handicapper I spoke with last week thought there was something wrong with her and were surprised she was entered this week. She was 1-9 tonight and I do not know one person who would have, or did, bet her. I wonder where the cash came from. It looks like trainer Jim Takter agrees, as he announced she is now off the Jug trail, and one would expect we will not be seeing her for awhile. Great horses tell you when something is wrong, and last week it appears she was doing just that. This week just confirmed it.

The Metro is in the books and the regally bred Simply Business has now written his stud ticket. This year's 2YO crop has been enigmatic but this colt has always seemed to be the one who looked fairly solid. He put it together last night, when it counted. Rock n Roll Hanover did similar several years ago in this very race, and it catapulted him to an awesome career. He was not overly impressive before the Metro.

I have always wondered why harness racing is not more popular, simply because our older horses race more and are very competitive. If we look at the Woodward, for example, there is no comparison. Last evening's Canadian Pacing Derby could have probably been snatched by any one of the ten entered. The horse who got the best trip won - We Will See. Speaking of him, when are we going to stop the 4YO's can't beat older claptrap? Every year there seems to be a good 4YO, and this occurs when the best of the three year old crop retires to go to stud. It's a small pond to fish from, yet one usually pops up.

I find that Dick Powell is pretty sharp. I totally agree with him on the Factor.

Wagering was butchered again in August. This time there is very little talk about the economy being the culprit and that's a good thing.

Handle on Saturday at Mohawk was a respectable $2.5M.

I expected to see some heavier speed in the two year old finals Saturday, but it didn't really happen. I wonder if these colts and fillies are starting to slow down already.

Peelers out, Big Jim out. Now the Jug picture looks pretty darn chalky.

Bettor Sweet closed from Chicago in the Pacing Derby and looked darn good. I thought about betting him, but I have bet Sears a few times in stakes finals in similar situations and he has been very far back.

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! The weather has been good here and I have only watched about ten races. That in itself amazes me. I don't think I have watched less than ten races in a weekend since I was six.


That Blog Guy said...

I think the 4yo against older angle still has a place, early in the year say January-April, depending on when the 4yo starts they year. There is a certain amount of toughening up they need to acquire before they can compete. However, by July that 4yo disadvantage disappears.

You may find some exceptions to the rule, but overall I think it is a good handicapping tool.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to fathom.... I think SYAP was worse this time than last time...... that's sayin somethin'

Anonymous said...

Yimmy T. no-mo believe it was the driver's fault last time.



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