Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breeders Crown Complete

We'll have a ton more on the BC no doubt, but a few quick notes.
  • If you came wanting to bet chalk, you were probably rewarded nicely, as no chalk was worse than second, and seven favorites won. The two pick 4's (even with the longest shot of the night clicking in the last leg), were microscopic.
  • Clunker of the night: Big Bad John. The Jug winner was leading, and came last
  • Horse that could've went around three times and still beat them? Chapter Seven. 
  • Handle was $3.7 million, which is good. Woodbine, since starting to be more customer and bettor-driven in about 2009, has started to turn a bit of a corner.
  • Tough night at the office? Tony O'Sullivan. Alsace, perfect trip and no fire. Drop the Ball was nothing like she was last week. I bet he thought he was winning both those races, easily.
  • Tim Tetrick horses won a lot of races tonight; without him in the bike. It shows when we replace a good driver with another good driver, who cares.
  • I bet against Sweet Lou at Lexington, and cashed my ticket. How did this horse lose that race? What a performance.
  • If I could've bet a horse at the head of the lane at 1-20, it would've been We Will See and I would have thought it an overlay. He was flat as a pancake.
  • Brothers (and Seth, their breeder) did well. Sweet Lou and Bettor Sweet winning-exacta.
  • HOY? San Pail
  • 3YO of the year? Roll With Joe. In a suspect group, he won a million and a half and raced all year long.
  • 3YO Trotter of the year? Who the heck knows.
One last note. On the blog the last several years, especially with Breeders Crown posts, we have talked about trying to make the event international, because it will drive betting and interest. Tonight, in race 7, we saw two foreign invaders make the race super exciting.

Not only that (and this was shocking): The pools for the aged trot, with only a seven horse field, were the biggest of the entire evening. International money, international interest? I don't know. But when a seven horse field trot beats the pulp off the handle of 10 horse 3YO final, or the 10 horse aged final, we're onto something.

Despite having a terrible night at the windows (I know I wrote short prices should do well tonight and you may have trouble finding some long ones, but I can't play short ones in big pools trying to make a score), it was a good night of racing (made so primarily by race 7), in my opinion. I hope y'all enjoyed it.

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Eric P said...

The races were in general boring. Virtually all races were decided at the top of the stretch. There was very little movement in the races. Ron Pierce is the only guy who will close a hole off the gate. 5 of 12 races paid less than $4.00!!
Not sure why, but the 'changes scroll' on the telecast didn't scroll prior to the 9th, so Horseplayers were not informed of the driver changes in the late pick 4.
It may be an awesome night for Breeders, Owners and Trainers, but for Horseplayers...not so much.

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