Monday, October 24, 2011

Breeders Crown Notes

The elims this past weekend are complete. A lot of the time there is very little news in the elims, but this time there certainly was.

The biggest story was in the 3YO FP division, where See You At Peelers confirmed that her condition is not very good, and like we see in racing quite often, a new star is starting to emerge.

SYAP again stopped like she was hit by a Hong Kong poison dart. They tried her and she simply had no response to pressure. I would think we've seen the last of her, but if they do decide to race next season, maybe an extended layoff can do the trick. Regardless, when she was right, she is a tremendously classy mare; one of the best we've seen in awhile.

Taking the baton is Drop the Ball. She always had an amazingly quick brush, and you knew you were looking at a quick horse, but she had serious trouble putting it all together. I don't think she's there quite yet, but all you can say is wow. Her Canadian record was effortless, and she finished the race looking around, completely shut down. She's the type of mare who gets good, and might stay good because she seems to be learning what she's out there for. I can't wait to watch her as a 4YO.

Chapter Seven looked as good as a horse can look, as well. He finished with a 27 kicker, and pricked his ears no less than three times. Sometimes horses finish races tired (and Gr I race at 9f in thoroughbred racing for sure!), and at times they finish wanting more. He was the latter.

Cedar Dove looks like the chalk in the filly trot final. She won easily. Crys Dream prepped well however. In the other elim, Pierce took his elimination life in his hands, almost getting boxed, but he weaved through and beat a horse who seems to not like to win.

Man of Many Missions had an easy time of it after Big Rigs broke in the pocket, but he was tired.

If you are looking for a good prep race, We Will See did it. He was on fire in the stretch and that should help him next time.

Prep thought 2 - Can there be a bigger stiffaroni than David Miller put on Big Bad John? You are 1-2, and you should at least try a bit Dave, for the people who pay your salary (hint - bettors). I am a fan of elims, and we know the risk, but holy smokes.

Twitter post on BBJ's elimination from a bettor:

If you can tell anything from the mares pace elim, you are a better person than I. That was a boat race.

Early in the year I did not think Idyllic and Pretty Katharine would have good years. I think I was just too early on my Idyllic prediction. She is beginning to look like I thought she would in July. 

I am pretty sure that was the prep that Ed Hart hated. Roll With Joe was brutalized, and he still finished well. If he races like that next week, one might expect everyone else is racing for second.

How about the last late pick 4 on Saturday? They might sum up why people have a hard time with harness racing. Brodies Song is a career 42 times pacer. 42 times he went to the back, devoid of speed. In start 43 from the nine post, he fires to the front, goes three and four wide getting there, and airs.  Can we have a twitter feed or something letting punters know when some driver is going to try something like that? He was 2-1 behind the gate, and he might have been 1-5 if we knew he was leaving. Although I don't think it was a set-up to cash a ticket, or that anything nefarious was going on, I don't blame any bettor in simo-land watching that race and thinking our sport is fixed.

Fitz Z Tam in the last was a head scratcher, although I did use him in the pick 4's. He had shown absolutely nothing if you are a race replay watcher. Saturday he fired home in 26 and change and won easily.

With the aforementioned Big Bad John stiffaroni added to the mix, it makes one wonder. The game is very tough, especially when we are looking at monster pick 4 rakes. With 1-2 shots going to second last off the gate, a non-leaver turning into a speed freak, and a horse who looks like he has been finishing slower than a fat man at a marathon winning by daylight in three of four legs, we are up against it.

Despite that, we are looking at some excellent races this weekend. I did not say too much about the first evening's tilts, because I still have to watch replays.

Have a good Monday everyone.

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