After listening to the Google earnings call last night I was amazed by some of the new, fresh ideas, in addition to the business savvy to meet earnings targets.

Conversely, racings strategy seems to be: Let's try and squeeze every penny out of our existing customer base, because we have no strategy to grow the customer base.  

Read Jeff Platt's article on the new (and it appears "secret") idea from "Monarch" who controls many track signals you play via ADW.

  • I am a horseplayer advocate. I can’t sugar coat this for you. It is my opinion that if this goes through, and Monarch pulls track signals from ADWs, the result is nothing short of a knife in the back for horseplayers everywhere.

Controlling signals and raising rakes to grab more and more of a shrinking pie, while angering your best customers. Nice business strategy, boys.

With my wagering handle down about 80% from several years ago, sometimes I wonder why I continue with the other 20%.

Quick notes:

See You at Peelers qualified in 154.1 today with a last quarter a fat man carrying a sack of potatoes could come home in. She looks done for the year.

Melissa does what racing very rarely does: She econometrically modeled something: She studied synthetic handle with dirt handle for her thesis. Her conclusion? That synthetic track racing has been a drag on handles (although I doubt in a hugely tangible way). This should not be surprising (as every horseplayer nods his head). When we introduce something new, which is completely unmodelable and adds a new risk component as handicappers, we are going to avoid that risk. In the 1970's it was similar when the Meadowlands was introduced - the mile track variable left cappers scratching their heads and they continued to play Roosevelt. It took quite awhile for the Meadowlands to become King.

From someone (read: geeky racetrack dude) who did his thesis on Off-track betting's influence on On-track handle, I commend her :)

Blanchard on Trot radio. Way to go Greg. Western Fair opens its meet tonight.

Whatwins is free this month. Go to and check it out!

Have a nice Friday everyone.

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