Monday, November 14, 2011

Cultural Differences

Via Alexa, here are the traffic ranks and more for

And here is the Racing Post, in the UK

Both sites (and papers) are racing staples. However, in the UK the Racing Post ranks 371st in traffic. In the US, the drf site can't crack the top 4000.


Tinky said...

Setting aside the obvious contributing factor that racing is held in much higher regard in the UK, the Racing Post site is vastly superior to that of the Racing Form in several crucial areas.

The results charts are fully interactive – and free – meaning that a single click on any runner in any race will bring up the full past performances of the horse. Also, replays are only a click away (albeit at a modest cost).

Pedigree information is also readily available, and tautly connected to individual horse PPs.

Pull the Pocket said...

Cant argue too much with that Tink.


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