Saturday, April 13, 2013

What Will Racing Look Like in 2050, & Other Saturday Fun

Good morning racing fans! As we embark on an interesting Saturday of racing, I wonder what our sport would look like in 35 years........
  • "Racetracks and communities will hold events that will turn small town racing into a true tourist destination for days or weeks of the year. Revenues will flow through partnerships with corporations looking to leverage the love of the horse. Wagering handle will explode and betting exchanges will allow customers to bet horses online in a way that is responsive to their needs. Fans will come to the racetrack for the energy it provides, as it will be a tremendous social gathering in a society dominated by impersonal devices. The product will offer tremendous variety and be integrated into a lean and efficient entertainment offering rivalling the best shows available. The public’s relationship with horse racing will also become about their relationship with the animal and to agriculture – not a sterile spot to cheer for saddlecloth numbers and colours."
The above was from an interview with Darryl Kaplan. For the full interview (specifically not about Ontario's situation, but an overall look at the sport), click here (PDF). 

There's quite the conversation going on at SC, where one better/customer is chatting with industry participants. It's fascinating to watch the interactions.

Today's festivities include the $10k HANA Derby Wars game, with the Blue Grass and Arkansas Derby. I find both, but especially the former, great betting tilts. For the BG we have a couple of horses making a start back, where they should be better - Java's War and Uncaptured. As well, we have a horse doing something very, very, very odd - a Todd Pletcher colt with no works between stakes engagements.

There's this kid at the mall, I am pretty sure he's a communist, that runs some sort of table each weekend. Most times he is handing out stuff on Global Warming. Today, he is likely to get socked in the noggin by disbelieving villagers. I woke up to snow. Yes, snow. This winter has been ridonkulous.

The Bob Baffert situation continues, with a statement sent from him, through handlers.

The NYRA folks got mad at me for asking for a cheap pick 5 and lower rake with slots windfall. Now they can get mad at Steve Crist instead.

Enjoy the days racing everyone, and if you are playing in the Derby Wars contest, good luck and see you there!

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