Brouhaha With Some Baffert Bacon

Earlier today the Baconater (some people know him as Ray Paulick) wrote an article on a quarterhorse trainer who had a horse die at a recent race at Ruidoso Downs. The story, and the protagonist of the story, was the trainer of said horse.

But intertwined in the article was thoroughbred trainer Bob Baffert's issues regarding his horse deaths. Read the article for how it was woven in, if interested.

This prompted Bob Baffert's wife Jill to post on twitter the following:
That caused quite a brouhaha on the twitter, with tweets and retweets and everything else.

I was on a call tonight with a number of racing fans and bettors and asked what side people are on in this. Most sided with Paulick - this episode is a charged issue and everyone sides with the horses -  but I then asked, "was this gratuitious? Does it seem to be jammed in the article to take a shot at Baffert?"

Everyone agreed with that. They thought it didn't fit.

Y'know, as strange as it may sound to some, I side with Jill Baffert on this one. I think the Baconman used too much pork.

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