Foot Issues and Changes of Heart on Out of Competition Testing

The New York courts recently ruled in favor of the NYSRWB in a case regarding out of competition testing. With some restrictions it can go on. Trainer Mark Ford, whose name was on the top of the case filed in 2009, told HRU he likes that he lost:
  • "I am in favor of out-of-competition testing wholeheartedly," he said. Ford explained that he believes the claiming game has been turned upside down in recent years, in part because of the overwhelming success of some trainers. "There is no more claiming game," he said. "It has been wrecked and if we don't do something about it we're all going to pay the price. The landscape has changed so much in recent years.
The claiming game is important for all owners, in my opinion. It is also important for newer owners and syndicates. If you are up against it - trying to do things the right way - and get your head kicked in over and over again, you don't tend to end up in the game for too long. Or alternatively, you join the brigade of turnaround trainers. Out of competition testing and detention barns tend to help the game, in my opinion, and I too am happy with that decision in New York.

Saturday, Woodbine Entertainment has carded what I think is the best betting harness card I have seen in many years. Even the stakes races, despite some short shots in the morning line, are nowhere near cut and dried. The sixth race is one of the most contentious races of the evening that could provide a price. The Gold Cup is a very good betting race as well.

And the $1M North America Cup?  Although I dislike picking posts for a Final because it gives the best horses the best posts and usually makes for a poor betting affair, this time it doesn't seem to matter as much. There is some stock in this race.

One such horse you may want to look at (and he was discussed by Finley in the link above) is Odds on Equuleus. He developed a pus pocket last week and raced poorly. In the elim he was much better, but one could expect him to be even better this weekend.

Whale of a card, whale of a betting race.

Have a nice Friday everyone. I will likely write a NA Cup preview later on.

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