6 Reasons To Play Harness Racing & Stakes Night in Canada

Today in HRU a bettor looked at the benefits of betting harness racing.
  • Making money is fun, and losing money, even if you had a nice souvlaki sandwich from a food truck, or laughed at the wiener dog races, is not so fun. Making money, or having a chance to make money, is why people come back en masse. Harness racing might not have the complexity or cache of Thoroughbred racing, but it does have a lot going for it. You do have a chance to make money.  If someone ever asks you why they should bet harness racing, here are a few reasons you might want to share.
Any game we play with horses, or dogs, or hold em poker and others possesses some area that gives one an edge. Harness racing still has a few of those left.

Tonight is a major stakes night at Mohawk, with over $2M in purses being handed out in some big races. Here is a free program link.

Have a great Saturday everyone.

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