It's That Damn East Coast Bias

NBC released its overnight ratings for Saturday's Travers and they were a respectable 0.7.

Comparing that to another niche sport, for a niche event, the ratings for Usain Bolt at the Track and Field Championships were a 0.7 on the main network last weekend.

I checked Google Trends, for a lark, to see if the Travers had enough searches to learn anything at all. I doubted it would, and it didn't, but the east coast bias for the event was da bomb.

It's not too surprising New York got a 100 rating, but Massachusetts at a 95 was a bit of an eye-opener. New York snowbirds were alive and well in Florida, perhaps?

It is nice to see the keyword "Travers Stakes" trending over time, especially in horse racing, which has had its share of customer troubles since early this century.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Massachusetts is full of rubes and bumpkins, Pocket?

SaratogaSpa said...

No Surprise for Mass. #'s at all. The I-90 pike into New York to get to the race course so many Mass. fans love Saratoga. It is an easy day trip and many older residents of Mass. are familiar with racing from back in the Mass. Fair days when racing was a big part of the fairs.


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