A Long Day of Betting

It's pretty tough to be a bettor or a complete racefan when Saturday starts at around noon and ends at after midnight, but yesterday was pretty exciting.

I will spare the details regarding the Arlington Million day and the DQ, or my big bet against Princess of Sylmar in the Alabama ("I'm sure she's not winning", said Pocket), and concentrate on a little harness racing.

For the racefan in me, I watched a little bit of the Gold Cup and Saucer card, as I usually do. The spectacle - from the singing of the island hymn, to the spotlight post parade where you can see the passion in the local connection's faces - is always neat for a fan. We, in any type racing, do not see anything like it.

The race itself was a barnburner with Carl Jamieson parking out the 2 horse, the 4 horse and horses that weren't even in the race, it seemed. This set up a come from behind win by Escape the News in track record time.Watch the video, the race was a blast.

I watch the Preakness as a fan, but the fans there seem to be running urinals or listening to Maroon 5. At the Derby there are a lot of fans, but a lot of them could not even tell you who Todd Pletcher is. At Charlottetown the vast majority of fans could tell you who sired the dam of the four, who trains the six, and who won Gold Cup and Saucer 48, all without looking. It was a nice night to be a fan in a neat part of the racing world.

The big news, in a night of big news, was the defeat of Captaintreacherous. So far the Captain has been in the Captain's seat most races - second over, on an easy lead etc - but this night it was not the case. Sunshine Beach, a capable and willing foe, had rail control and that proved to be the magic elixir. The Captain was his usual game self, but he needed another half a foot. There's no disgrace in that defeat.  That's a good horse.

The tables were turned on Hambo champ Royalty For Life, as Smilin' Eli assumed rail control and parked out the big horse. Spider Blue Chip was the beneficiary. I notice on a chat board driver Tim Tetrick has been monikered "Boots" Tetrick. This sport at the highest levels is still winking and nudging, but the customers notice. They're not stupid.

The kinda sad story for me this year was the non-development of Wheeling n Dealin'. He lost again last night off cheap fractions. Dustin Jones is one of the good guys in this sport and deserved better.

I'm not sure about the two year olds this year, but one two year old that's got it is Precocious Beauty. The Art Major filly stormed Mohawk in 150.2 and could've went faster. She'd probably be the favorite in the Metro.

Bolt the Duer went a huge trip over Saratoga last evening, stopping the clock in 149.1. Last season Bolt had some feet issues at times, but he's always been a dandy animal. It was kind of funny to see him take that gate to wire. A lot of times last season - by mostly happenstance - he raced better from the two hole. That seemed to make everyone think he needed that trip. That horse is fine from any trip.

The Gold Cup and Saucer card with a big attendance, handled $272,000, which is good. It shows that attendance at a track should garner revenue from admission, however. On-track bettors do not send it in. The best tracks have lower rakes, bigger pools and good racing to entice simulcast bettors, and a great on-track experience to grow the base and bring in money that way.

It was a fun betting day yesterday for me. I am at the beach this weekend and it was an awesomely nice day, so I played in a bit of a fun mode. I still made proper bankroll sized win bets and so on, but it was more casual. I continue, though, to be a discerning bettor when it comes to rake. I did not play Pocono seriously, because with those takeouts they don't take me seriously. I did not play the 25% rake pick 4 at Arlington, nor did I really look at playing any stout bets at CDP for the Gold Cup and Saucer. 

Betting seriously for a long time now gets one into habits. Some of them that are bad need to be corrected. Good habits - betting where you have an edge - are habits I am happy to have. Win or lose, at least I know I gave it my best shot.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone. I hope your weekend has been profitable and fun. 

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