The Twitter Time Machine

@Keenegal tweeted this out this morning.
It's true, time flies. I thought it would be really neat to look back at some first tweets from before 2009 by  various industry types. I commissioned some special software and have them for you today. Enjoy!

Ed DeRosa - "This is stupid. If I have more than 10 tweets by next year I would be shocked"

Joe Drape - "Hi Twitter. It's here where I will link my puff pieces about horse racing. I hope you follow me!"

Ray Paulick - "My new website is up at Thanks to the TOC for being a main advertiser."

Brad Cummings - "My new website is up at the"

Racetrackandy - "How the f&*$ do I keep getting my twitter account suspended?!"

Jeff Gural - "Hi Twitter. Today's meeting with Governor Christie went well"

Left at the Gate - "TVG is evil. And I don't like John McCain"

JerseyTom - "I'm going to be writing about racing moving with the times. I feel we may be turning a corner"

Caroline Betts (Socal Thoroughbred Rescue) - "I think that by 2013 we as an industry will have made great progress in horse retirement"

Andy Serling - "I look forward to chatting with people on twitter. I consider no question as dumb, so fire away"

Todd Pletcher - "I am in no way affiliated with that @notthetoddster doofus"

Richard Dutrow - "I'm happy to join twitter. Expect me to be here for a long time"

Inside the Pylons - "Test tweet: Moron."

Steve Byk - "Go NYRA!"

Philadelphia Park - "Please see the Parx casino feed for special deals"

Team Zenyatta - "We look forward to traveling more this season"

@DRF - "We have a special at the DRF store: 60% off 'Blame, Horse of the Year' tee shirts"

Sid Fernando - "I will use this timeline to talk about horse mating. I will not, under any circumstance, delve into any other topic"

Turf Paradise - "We'll use this feed to keep you updated on $13.99 rib eye deals, but won't use it to tell you we quietly raised win takeout"

Mike Repole - "If the Breeders Cup doesn't choose Belmont this year I'm going to go postal"

Breeders Cup - "This year's Breeders Cup will be at Santa Anita (copy/paste)"

NYRA - "The slots process has moved smoothly. We expect things to be up and running soon"

Mountaineer - "Job posting - Security guard needed, no experience necessary"

Hambletonian06 - "We won't be going back to heats. Ray Schnittker doesn't like them."

Premier McGuinty - "I love horse racing. Slots are here to stay, and I promise to balance the budget by 2011"

CHRB Member David Israel - "F$)#)$ I can't figure this f#)@#( twitter out."

Gary Stevens - "If I ride again please tweet your critiques to me here. Don't worry, I have a thick skin"

Alex Waldrop - "I wish twitter was invented when we did the Go Baby Go campaign. It woulda rocked"

The Jockey Club - "So far we see a lot of support from trainers for the elimination of raceday medications"

Gulfstream Park - "Us racing in the summer? Are you crazy?"

PTP - "I like the seven in the third at Aqueduct. If he loses I will not tweet again"

Have a great day everyone.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how Twitter has evolved! I prefer it over Facebook ► There are two "tweets" that stand out to me from the above list: 1. Caroline Betts (SoCal Thoroughbred Rescue)- "I think that by 2013 we as an industry will have made great progress in horse retirement." Yes, I believe we've made great strides in recognizing the need for horse retirement, and have brought it to the forefront of the industry ► Unfortunate side: Monzante-Wake At Noon, and 1000's of other, not so prominent horses. Promising side: Lava Man-Clever Allemont and 1000's of other, not so prominent horses., and 2. Mountaineer - "Job posting-Security Guard needed, no experience necessary". Unfortunately, in the wake of the death of Slippin' Around, in the receiving barn at Mountaineer, tracks need to ensure the safety and well-being of each of their "stars", on any given day, and at any given moment. This is paramount.

The funniest "tweet": CHRB Member David Israel - "F$)#)$ I can't figure this f#)@#( twitter out."

Yes, we've come a long way, baby!


Ellis Starr said...

I guess I'm not controversial enough to have made the list. :-(

GoCashKing said...

Me either

@gocashking :(


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