Mainstream Phun

I have purposefully not used 'ph' on this blog, unless I am talking about Philly Park - er I guess it's Parx now so I can drop it - or for American Pharoah himself. But I could not think of a better blog title.

Today on the Fox Sports website:

We see why athletes and politicos worry about things being taken out of context.

It reminds me of the Brett Coffey tweet:

For those reading the blog who are new to horse racing, Jose Lezcano was not trying to "hurt" American Pharoah by poking him in the eye, inflicting pain, or even giving him one of those delicious snow cones at the 3/4's so he had a brainfreeze headache. It was just race riding, or sour grapes, from whatever your perspective.

As for the ride by Jose Lazcano, well, Kiaran said enough for you to know:

I am not one for slamming jocks and drivers for rides or drives, unless it's obvious. We never know what happened in the race, or if the horse was no good, etc. But (excuse my language), no chit Sherlock. How the game plan could be "let's go after a horse who is much faster than us, at 10f, with decent closers who can probably pick us up," was a plan is beyond me. Maybe Jose saw AP was not right, or something, and decided to take a chance, but a game plan like that? I can't see it. That's Sham-like in the Secretariat Belmont.

Another "Phun" thing I saw (there I go again) Saturday, was the look of defeat. I know there are a lot of great photographers out there, and sometimes it feels Eclipse Awards are pre-determined. However, if you've seen a better shot than this this year, let me know, because I haven't.

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

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