Big Brown Horses - of Two Breeds

The NA Cup Road

Thanks to Gregger for another good report yesterday. I guess we could have waited until today, though. Last night at the M the NJSS was contested, with many NA Cup eligibles in action. Standouts? Maybe not, but some decent miles, like Genuwine's, and some clunkers that might say that a couple are not ready for prime-time.

At Mohawk, the Somebeachsomewhereless OSS elims were contested. NA Cup winter book favorite (one of them) Keystone Horatio defeated Deuce Seelster in 51 and change. He was somewhat on one line, but he did not look lame to me, more of an equipment thing. Since John Kopas knows what a snaffle bit is and I have not the foggiest, I am sure that he will rectify that. Regardless, 51 over Deuce makes this big brown horse one to be watched.

Big Win for Big Brown

Thoroughbred racing sure knows how to ratchet up the excitement. Big Brown is hyped a pile, and delivers. Was there anyone - and I mean anyone - who watched yesterday that will not tune in for the Belmont?

The big days in thoroughbred racing sure are a boon to everyday bettors. Brown paid more to place than win, from all the prospective souvenir tickets. Afleet Alex paid $3.40 to place in the Belmont, and I am sure BB will pay more to place too, if he should come top two.

T-bred racing is interesting and completely different than harness. We can look at fractions and look at final times, and look the way the horse looks at a wire and tell you in a nano-second if a horse is special. Somebeach wins the Metro last year like that, Snow White wins in Lexington like that. Special horses. In thoroughbreds there is a debate based on speed figures and the like. Is Big Brown special? Ask ten people and you will get ten different answers.

Regardless, watching a turn of foot like on the overhead shot yesterday. Watching a whole pile of fans getting excited about a horse. Watching excellent TV coverage. Having a result that makes fans anticipate the final leg. All good things. And all for a big brown horse.

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