Somebeachsomewhere....... Wow!

Continuing to catch up on some news here, and I finally got around to watching his qualifier.


I have been watching and mesmerized by the stars of racing since I was a kid. Getting the Canadian Sportsman, or Trot was a great day at my house. When we finally got ESPN in the house and I could watch Nihilator battle Dragons Lair in the Breeders Crown, or Cam Fella beat Coal Harbor live, it was a good day. I can honestly say that I have never seen a horse this good in my life.

Here are some comments from a couple industry insiders about this horse (courtesy of chat board

Randy Waples, $70M harness driver:

Without a doubt the most impressive horse ( greatest, phenomenal, outstanding) I've seen since Niatross. Monday morning I felt like a kid at Xmas waiting to see that horse on the track as a three year old..a fellow walked up to me Monday morning and asked me if I would Qualify his horse in the 4th race and I refused because I wanted to see Brents colt qualify

Jeff Gillis, trainer and ironically part-owner of Santanna Blue Chip, who on paper is one of Somebeach's main rivals:

In all seriousness, that was absolutely the most impressive, effortless qualifier I have ever seen. Time is somewhat irrelevant. Lots of colts are ready to pace 51. It is how he did it that was most impressive. He was completely unurged and shut down. I don't think it did him any harm.

A few things stick out, and these are my top five reasons why I think we are seeing a horse for the ages:

1) Not only has he not been beaten, he has never been in peril of being beaten.

2) He has never once looked tired

3) He does it like he has human characteristics. It's like he knows what he is out there for.

4) He has never once looked uncomfortable on the track. He is never washed out, never hot.

5) His gait is simply awesome. He covers ground in one stride, what many horses do in two.

If you are a thoroughbred fan and you are thinking of giving harness a look, put this colts races on your calendar and follow him. I did it with Ralph Hanover and Cam Fella. Try it with Somebeachsomewhere. I don't think you will be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the sport here in the Maritimes. A horse like this is going to get people interested in the sport at a time when its truly needed here. What's his schedule like up to the NA Cup?

Pull the Pocket said...

May 31st is the day that the Burlington is. That is his next scheduled start. Then hopefully the NA Cup and beyond. Those three weeks will tell the tale.


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