Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Morning

Some news and notes that I found kind of interesting this past while.

First up, some solid 3YO racing at the Meadowlands. I watched a few races, but perhaps the horse that caught my eye the most was not in the Classic elims. It was Share the Delight, a NA Cup eligible. Coming off a break he was somewhat conservatively handled. He got away third last, did not have a ton of pace to chase, but that did not stop him. He sailed off third over cover and ran down the very good Real Tough with ease, coming home in 26 and change under a hand ride. I think he punched his bus ticket to Mohawk with that effort.

At Mohawk, Keystone Horatio and Lennon Blue Chip did battle in the first OSS Gold of the year. We did not learn much as both got great trips and only had to sprint home.

Somebeachsomewhere went a training trip on Friday to prepare for the Burlington. Touch wood, it looks like all systems go with the World Champ.

A hearty congrats to Luc Ouellette and Peter Klienhans on Enough Talk's solid 2nd in the elim and third in the Final of the Elittlopp. Well done guys.

The aged horse division might heat up soon, but maybe "extinguished" is a good word instead. Mr. Big looks, well like Mr. Big in the division. He won his debut in 50 and looks to be the class of the field.

Really good story in the New York Times about betfair and integrity of betting pools. When Australia lost their court battle we spoke on the blog that old time racing would be lamenting the "bet to lose" characteristic of betfair, and they would use that to their advantage. Right on cue they did. But a funny thing happened. No one believes it any longer. Their security looks about as solid as a George Bush White house bunker. As we've said many times, boy is it nice to see such sharp businessmen with the finger on the pulse of the bettor enter our game. For about 50 years some of our participants have bet their horses to lose for a betting coup. Fortunately not a lot of people have, but it happens in the pari-mutuel pools. Good luck trying it on betfair. You'll get nabbed if you do.

Good luck and good racing folks.

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