Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cohen Chimes In

Moderator at the blog, Andrew Cohen has chimed in on the Bloodhorse story and blog post below.

All of us know how we feel on many of the issues here at this blog, especially those involving having our sport set up a central body, with a commissioner. Cohen has written several articles on this subject before and is a proponent of such a body.

Would any of you who support this mind heading over to his blog linked above and offer your support by commenting? Andrew is well read by the business, and well respected. I think we should all throw our weight behind getting some of this done in harness, before the Fed's come calling. And remember, the Interstate Horse Racing Act is part of the solution and part of the problem - but this act governs harness racing, too so we as harness owners and fans are a part of it. Any changes to it will directly affect harness and thoroughbred racing. We need to be a part of these discussions, in my opinion.

So please, let Andrew and his many readers know where you stand by commenting (if you don't mind). You can read his post and comment, right here.

Thanks everyone.

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