Thursday, May 15, 2008

Unfortunate News on Somebeachsomewhere

The Harness Edge is reporting that the colt, scheduled to make his debut this weekend at Mohawk has been scratched due to a bruise he received in the paddock.

Although this is probably (touch wood) not serious, it does show the vagaries of the game. No matter how much you plan, or how good a horseman you are dotting i's and crossing t's we are still dealing with living breathing horses. This can happen to any horse, at any time. It has happened several times to some of ours, and we are a small stable. I would suspect it has happened thousands of times in our game.

On the blog I went through the web log recently. I was amazed at how many hits we got from the search string "somebeachsomewhere". Some of them were: somebeach first start, where can I see somebeach, somebeach north america cup, somebeach great horse, somebeach at mohawk, somebeach qualifier.

People are stoked to see this horse. Let's hope that this is just a minor ailment and he can be back as scheduled for the Burlington. Horses like this can help our sagging sport.

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