Friday, May 16, 2008

Sad Stories on HBO & Advertising

It is certainly not something I'd like to promote, nor encourage watching, but unfortunately it is a reality. Cangamble makes note on his blog, and it has been grabbing headlines - it is the HBO expose on the practice of racehorses being slaughtered. He provides an opinion and offers people the chance to view some of the show via youtube bubbles.

I can't watch it. So you'll get no notes on what you may see if you choose to. But we're adults, so do as you wish.

I remember one afternoon a couple of years ago I was working and then flipped onto the Harness Edge to check the news. The news just out was that three horses - all standardbreds, two of whom I remember betting on - were on their way to the meat man. And they wanted to save them. They were asking for help. The story they told would break anyone's heart. These were young horses who slipped through the cracks. A couple, if I remember correctly, were skin and bones. It took about 30 seconds for me to grab the phone.

They were saved by Paula Campbell (wife of harness driver John) and her organization, the Standardbred Retirement Foundation. They do great work.

In Canada, the Ontario Adoption Society is another. I once needed a horse adopted out and they tried their best for me. They care.

There are many others out there, for thoroughbreds and standardbreds and they all need our help.

If you took time to watch that video, or if you didn't, well that's fine. You are like me then. But when one of these organizations come calling for help - to help the horses who live to pleasure us every day, think twice before you say no. Handicappers, owners, trainers, everyone benefits from these horses, and we brought them into this world for us. I think they deserve better after we are done with them.

Continuing on the soapbox, it brings me to advertising. I have been approached several times by offshore wagering companies who want to advertise on my blog. They are quite aggressive. I am not much for that and have said no. In fact I do not want any advertising at all. I never even thought about it frankly. But perhaps it is a good time to make an exception. If anyone - a software maker, or a feed supplement, or whomever wants to advertise I will do my best to place an ad here for you. But it is on a condition - that the fee that is decided upon goes to the Retirement foundation for thoroughbreds or standardbreds in your jurisdiction. You will get a tax break for the advertising dollar from them, and best of all it will make you feel good. Email me under my profile if anyone is interested.


Anonymous said...

Why not for all wagering sites.... and there are alot.... Why not have an option, where at anytime you can send a tip to the Retirement foundation, right out of your account? I know there is lots of of times I hit a good ticket where given the option I would throw them 10 bucks in a heartbeat.

Pull the Pocket said...

Hi Cape,

If any wagering site ever did that, there would be plenty of posts on the blog :)

I have been waiting for my bank to do that "round up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar" and have the cash put right into the account. That is the neatest idea since sliced bread. It'd be cool to round down the pennies on a win and have it go to retirement!

I know, hard to do and all, but pie in the sky it would be nice.

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