Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do We Have Our Own Rachel Alexandra?

Three year old Western Terror filly Yellow Diamond made a huge statement this past week at Pocono Downs, winning in 151, under wraps. This prompted driver Jim Morrill to say "She won as easy as a horse could possibly win. She could have gone in 1:49, no problem. I don’t care what (starting spot) she gets. It doesn’t matter. I’m not usually like that; I’m not an overconfident person. But with this filly, she was so good, I just don’t think anyone can touch her. I know what I had left.”

Drivers are some time prone to hyperbole, but right now it looks to me like this filly is as good as any of the colts. If she was eligible to the North America Cup, she would be in my top two contenders. I have only said that about one other filly in my days of following this sport, and that was Rainbow Blue. To this day I feel she could have won the Cup, and I wished we would have seen her take on the colts back in 2003. Will Yellow Diamond be this years Rainbow Blue, or Rachel Alexandra? Time will tell, but I have to think she has a shot to.


Anonymous said...

Do you think they will supplement to any colt races or just take all the cash in the girls division.
Who is going to be training for the rest of the year, notice she has gone back and forth...


Pull the Pocket said...

I would imagine she would race her own kind unfortunately, eh? It is a downer in harness that horses never step outside the boundaries. I could have seen beach in the pacing derby last year for example.

It would be really cool, if she keeps developing and there is no beach this year, if they shoot outside the box and try the colts.

That Blog Guy said...

We already had our own Rachel Alexandara. CR Kay Suzie beat the boys in the Yonkers Trot, Beacon Course Trot and the World Trotting Derby as a 3yo.

Pull the Pocket said...

There have been several filly trotters who could compete with the boys, and have. Pacers at three? It's a whole different ball game.

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