Friday, June 19, 2009

NA Cup Elimination Picks

Here are mine. I am wondering if anyone likes anything tomorrow?

Elim 1:

Keep It Real

- Looking for some value here with a gate leaver, who should be spotted nicely for a decent trip. He fired home well last time.

Elim 2:

Dial or No Dial
Stinger Blue Chip
Johnny Z

- I will probably play Stinger here as he should be pretty long odds. This is not a deep field, so Dial or No Dial might get things his own way and be uncatchable, however.

Elim 3:

Arctic Warrior
Passmaster Hanover
Sheer Desire

- It is a shame to see so many decent colts in the same division. Arctic Warrior has a real shot here I think with a trip at long odds.

Elim 4:

Mr. Wiggles
Vintage Master
Drop Red

- I think I will get a nice price on Mr. Wiggles and will swing.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

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