Saturday, June 27, 2009

North America Cup Card - As Good as it Gets

Mohawk tends to get solid, yet unspectacular handles. Much of it has to do with the US/Canada thing, and bettors know that the rakes at Mohawk are not overly customer friendly. However, this card for fans of the sport of horse racing, simply rocks. It might be one of the best cards assembled anywhere, and will probably be the best harness racing card of 2009.

Race One: NA Cup Consolation II

Stinger Blue Chip for me (although I worry about the pace to chase, and a possible hard track favouring speed a little more than usual), but there are several possibles that make this a good betting race.

Race Two: Open Pacing Mares $44,000

The best mares in the country square off. Tough betting race. No opinion here.

Race Three: $333,000 Goodtimes Stakes

I loved the way Duded Up won last week, with a decent middle half and a ton left in the tank.

Race Four: $40k Preferred Pace

No FFA tonight, so these represent the best pacers on the grounds. Very tough race to handicap. One of the best 3YO pacers of 2008 makes his 4YO debut, The Mohegan Pan.

Race Five: $680,000 Fan Hanover Stakes

The rich with tradition race is a great spectator affair. Will Yellow Diamond be better this week and break 150? Can she go 149? World record perhaps? We'll see. Off last week I will not be playing her, but have not decided who to play.

Race Six: NA Cup Consolation I, $100,000

Arctic Warrior for me. I hope he is not overbet. I think Barber Pole might pop tonight as well.

Race 7: $1,500,000 NA Cup

As below.

Race Eight: $30,000 CD Pace

Nice, nice betting race. I think Legal Litigator might have a longshot chance, and could be better this week. Raw Energy, with some flow could be there.

Race Nine: $561,000 Elegant Image Stakes

Tough race. The chalks look ok. I will be trying, based on odds, Celebrity Juliet. Two sub 28 quarters coming home while parked shows she is sharp. We'll see if she is fast enough. I have a feeling this race will sport a very fast time.

Race Ten: $75,000 Fan Hanover Consolation

The chalk looks tough. If she is in any type of form it could be an easy win.

Race Eleven: $21,000 CD Pace

I expect the rail horse, Rustler Steve, to be tough in here, dropping in class. He did not have much of a shot against Silent Swing last week.

Race Twelve: $21,000 CD Pace and Race Thirteen a $19,000 CD Pace

I can not get a feel for either of these races, so will be watching the scoreouts and so on. These races will have solid handle, despite being late in the card, as they look like solid betting races.

We don't see cards like this everyday, and it is a great night to be a fan of racing.

Good luck everyone and enjoy the evening.


Vern said...

Race 1- will be interesting to see what Terror can do with a trip. I'll go there if the odds are fair

Race 2- Double Dream for me but i expect the odds will not be fair so likely a skip

race 3- Rocketop was staggering at the end last week. Was he maybe a bit off and we see better this week. Don't know, likely a skip race for me unless Duded or Rocket offer crazy odds.

Race 4- Please let the first half be in 52 seconds- Regards the Greek

Race 5- I'll look to be YD also, Shacked Up if the odds are fair enough

Race 6 - with you on Arctic Warrior

Race 7- KIR

Race 8- Lisfinny is a nice horse. Will take a shot there that RW will leave if the odds are fair.

Race 9-nice race. Soprano will likely draw too much $$, so i will look to Juliet, rachel or Selfish P for potential value. Too bad Keep The Spirit drew 10, would be my long play ( Ok, maybe I will throw a small wager her way and include in the exotics)

Race 10- again a horse I kinda liked as a shot draws 10. the inside 2 will be heavily bet and may get a walkover boat race because of that.

Race 11- Windsun Ben, you're welcome in advance

Race 12- John Dilinger, you're welcome in advance ( although won't get the odds this week)

Race 13- Meh, not a happy race. Maybe Gibraltar for a shot if odds are fair.

That Blog Guy said...

I see Admirals Express is in the finale. I am beginning to think it is time to retire him again. He has done too much; I'd hate to see him breakdown on the track.

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