Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mystery Pollsters and Get Going on Fair Starts

This weeks Hambletonian Poll is out. Last year we had some fun here with that poll in a couple of ways. Namely, 'how could a horse being compared to Niatross poll second for most of the year'. But we also had something else that made us pause in wonderment - the mystery Mr. Big voter.

Each week, Beach would get X number one votes, Dewey would get the rest, except for one vote. Each week, no matter what happened (even the week that Beach set the World Record) this one voter would place his number one vote in favour of Mr. Big.

Well, he's back.

Lucky Jim got 32 out of 33 first place votes. Mr. Big? Well he got one. I would love to know who this guy is. Does he own a piece of Mr. Big? Was he once invited to Joe Muscara's beach house? Does he have a share in his dam? Or does he just really, really, really love Mr. Big?

Mr. Big has now raced twice. He is 1 for 2. I wonder if he loses a few in a row if this mystery voter will still have him as his top choice?

Alan over at his harness blog has penned a letter regarding fair starts to send off to racing commissions. This item is now being placed on the agenda at a meeting in August. Fair start rules are completely anachronistic and changes are needed. In many cases they are nothing more than a money grab which sends patrons home seething. It is time something is done about it. Visit Alan's blog, cut and paste his letter and help the game a little bit. There is power in numbers.


That Blog Guy said...

Thanks for the mention. This is an important issue for all bettors and fans alike. We grudgingly deal with the takeout but can we at least ask for a fair shake.

While we have the proposed rule change on the agenda in New Jersey at their August meeting, we are not done. When it comes up for public comment we need people to write in favor of the change. Not only that, we need it done in all the harness racing states to show it is an issue that is not local.

Pennant Play said...

Wow you want a rule to protect the bettor like in Ontario. I actually dont think its "fair" enough.

The one thing I have always said, is a horseplayers money is clearly better protect in the rules of thoroughbred racing.

That Blog Guy said...

Actually, why I understand your point regarding Mister Big, I would like to know why Muscle Hill a winner of 2 for 2 in NJSS action (a program which is no longer as strong as it once was) is ranked ahead of Yellow Diamond who is 5 for seven winning in 1:49.1 and has won an open stakes final as well as an elimination of the Fan Hanover last week. Rankings should be based on what you have done this year, not what you may do later on.

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