Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yellow Diamond - 149.4

Yellow Diamond, harness racings potential answer to the thoroughbred queen Rachel Alexandra, easily won the James Lynch at Pocono this weekend. The time was a stunning 149.4. The colts went 151 in their stakes race at Pocono two weeks ago. It was a nice mile for Ginger and Fred as well, who was a solid second. With the right pace set up, this filly, in my opinion had a shot at the World record, regardless of sex on this day. She won with her ears pricked, with Morrill shutting her down early.

The video evidence:

Harness racing is a wonderful sport when we have talented colts and fillies to watch. This year, touch wood, we might have two that should stay on the radar all year, this filly and Muscle Hill.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to hear your take on Borel and Mine That Bird. I see a torrent of criticism aimed at his too-early, too-soon move. But long-time harness fans know that it is rare to find a heavy favorite in a big race that DOESN'T make an early move. I have heard the best drivers speak of these situations in which the thing they do not want to have happen is to lose a race having too much ground to make up at the end, and so their moves for the lead are almost always completed by or just after the half-way mark of the mile. Mine That Bird was spent - the pacesetter came back and edged him for the place spot - and was a tired horse. The Triple Crown road is a gruelling one on young horses, and T-breds cannot bounce back week after week like their harness cousins can. If this wasn't the case, then we would not have the number of unlikely longshots that have won the Belmont in recent years. Cheers. Jim

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