Friday, June 5, 2009

Muscle Jogs in Debut; and a Harness Racing League?

Belmont Schmelmont. We had a special horse do his thing in his first start of 09 tonight at the M. Muscle Hill won easily in 153.1, on a track that was not overly speedy. He sped away like a good horse should.

Every year we hear a great deal of hype, with especially trotters. There is at least one with a gawdy record that beats up on two year olds in unremarkable ways, and unremarkable times. Donato Hanover's debut was in 154 and change, pretty much to the bottom of the barrel. Cantab Hall, perhaps the most hyped trotter of the decade, faltered in his 3YO test against decent horses. Dewey last year won by a half length with a 29 last quarter. This debut blew any three year old trotters debut that I can ever remember. Let's hope he stays sound and progresses. I am going to stick by my post last year with this colt. I think he shatters 150 if all goes well.

Allan says: Give us a harness racing league, in a well thought out post. Much of it makes sense, and some of the machinations can address many of the real problems our sport has.

Plenty of comments on the whipping post yesterday, including one from EQ on the picture. I have to agree, that picture kicks some major ass. I hope we can speak about the issue more and more over the coming weeks.

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